My story

There I was at the co-op, an oasis of healthy organic food, and I felt paralyzed. I wandered the store in a daze, in search of a meal that wouldn’t flare up the raw itchy eczema I was constantly trying to manage.

I had struggled with eczema in the past, but eliminating dairy from my diet solved the problem and for 5 glorious years I had been free of it. I ate a healthy whole foods diet and I felt great! Then in 2011 my eczema returned – and this time it brought company. Not only did wheat flare up my eczema, it sent me on a wild emotional rollercoaster ride. Nightshades made my joints ache terribly. Raw fruits and vegetables led to uncomfortable bloating. Sugar, nuts, corn, coffee.. The list seemed endless. I felt helpless – like I was being poisoned by my food and constantly at war with my body. I had to find a better way.

Have you ever noticed that when you push yourself too hard – ignoring your body’s plea for sleep, drinking that extra cup of coffee or popping a couple of ibuprofen to make it through the day – you end up getting sick? Just like the symptoms I was experiencing, that’s your body’s way of demanding the TLC it needs!

Resolved to heal my body once and for all I committed to a healing diet, fine tuning along the way to fit my personal needs. Sometimes I moved easily forward, other times I struggled. It took time, but through nurturing my body and healthy gut bacteria I am now able to eat nearly every food without reaction. It feels amazing! And – surprise! – the results of tuning up my gut didn’t end there. My brain fog, anxiety and PMS began to disappear. I had more energy and I was finally able to make progress in my life where I had been spinning my wheels for years.

Now I support people of all ages in navigating this complex web of digestive health and food sensitivities. They learn to reconnect with their body, trusting its messages to guide them to a life free from digestive discomfort and full of energy to devote to the things they love.

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