As a licensed massage practitioner (LMP) I specialize in deep tissue, injury treatment, pregnancy and abdominal massage. Massage is an excellent tool for freeing patterns of tension and allowing for postural changes, decreasing stress, speeding the healing of soft tissue injuries, and providing good ol’ relaxation.

Time and again I have experienced for myself and with my clients the remarkable increase in benefit when massage is received regularly. In most cases, it takes time to develop the patterns that prevent us from being our most comfortable and productive selves. Likewise, it takes time to realize and establish new patterns. Even traumatic injuries require consistent care in order to rehabilitate tissues and lay the foundation for healthy, functional movement. For all of these reasons I highly recommend regular massage, whether it is once a month or once a week, in order to experience optimal results.

Massage services are available by referral only.
If you have been referred please contact me: