Kind words


“Excellent class, Meghan. Your passion shines through! Your firsthand experiences really help me get ideas for myself and my family. We have been working toward a whole food diet for several years and are excited to add fermented foods now. Being able to see how truly “doable” this process is, I feel much less fear about the project.”
Melonie – Olympia, Wa

“Meghan is very knowledgeable and delivers the info in an articulate & easily understandable manner. She clearly is a master of her topic!”
Lauren Goldberg – Olympia, Wa

“Meghan was a knowledgeable and pleasant educator… Each day that I pass by my freshman ferment on the kitchen counter, my anticipation grows.”
Cara Bertozzi, for (read the full article here)

“I loved that you could answer and discuss my various questions.”
Laura Woodworth, RD – Olympia, WA

“I was so pleased with the simplicity and ease you communicated in your teaching skill. It has given me more confidence to ferment again.”
Judy Behrens – Olympia, Wa

“Great class with down-to-earth details about how and why to make it work.”
Diane Wiley – Olympia, Wa


“Meghan has been a tremendous asset in my wellness routine. She has a strong ability to discern the root causes of your issues and work through them with you in a holistic way. She is also a genuinely nice, positive person-I always look forward to our appointments.”

“I look forward to my sessions with Meghan. She is a conscientious practitioner who listens with both ears and hands. I trust myself to her care, and always benefit therefrom.”

“I have been having weekly massages since 1983. I can easily say that I have never met a massage therapist with the attentive, healing presence that Meghan has. Her energy is always calm and focused, which makes her massage deeply relaxing and healing.  I have had chronic neck and shoulder tension for many years. For the last 12 years Meghan has truly improved the quality of my life by reducing the pain and tension I experience. Aside from being a great massage therapist, she is fun and interesting and caring. She is a true and delightful original.”

“I have been going to Meghan for about a year now and I would highly recommend her. She has a warm and professional personality and those qualities help set a relaxing session. She’s been very responsive to my requests to spend more time on problem areas. Most importantly, I’ve always felt great after each session.”

“I’ve always been hesitant to go to a massage therapist because I have some large scars that make me self-conscious. Meghan has a way about her that made me comfortable right away. Not only are her massages the wonderful, relax, feel good ones, but she listens when I have a specific trouble spot and always makes it go away. She’s helped me realize the benefits of massage on scar tissue, given me stretching ideas to help with neck/shoulder issues I’ve had, and exercise tips for overall well-being. She’s very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We typically spend the first 10 min catching up and the next 20 min in silent, relaxing, bliss.”

“The depth of her holistic health knowledge is vast and comforting for someone that is new to that whole world. I go for a massage and leave with tips on how to take better care of my muscles, digestion and so much more!”

“Meghan has been providing massage therapy to me for a few years. I’m lucky enough to have her come to my office which has been a great benefit.  She is an excellent massage therapist. She is a great listener and focuses her time on fixing any “problem areas” that I may be experiencing.  I really like working with Meghan and highly recommend her services.”


“Throughout my 6 month program with Meghan I received impeccably tailored support on my ever-shifting healing journey. Meghan is grounded, easy to connect with, incredibly knowledgeable, and profoundly detail-oriented. I have worked with a number of holistic-minded practitioners, and have found my time with Meghan to be some of the most beneficial, resulting in real, lasting changes in my level of wellness.”
Risa – Los Angeles, Ca